We started the Pi Hemp project with the vision and desire to break the taboo and restore identity to a super plant, which has been a part of our Indian culture for ages.

In today’s world, which is so dangerously unstable for us and our future generations, we aim to cut down our carbon emissions, with the power of industrial hemp, so that we can keep climate change under control and avoid the worst of warming.

We are committed to building an ecosystem made up of people, work, and experiences that recognizes the real value of such an important sustainable resource and utilizes it in its full capacity.

At Pi Hemp, we are working towards researching the parts of hemp plant in both the industrial and medicinal sector to bring sustainable and environment-conscious alternatives.

Our Team

We are an early-stage company incubated and supported by India’s premium technology business incubator “SIIC IIT Kanpur”. Our team includes a vibrant woman founder who is a pediatric dentist with a demonstrated history of working with leading corporate dental chains in Bengaluru for over seven years. A young energetic engineer & cofounder with over a decade of experience in multiple industry domains like automotive, semiconductors, and telecom.

Our mentors include senior business leaders and advisors from our support SIIC IIT Kanpur with doctorates from various reputed universities in India and across the globe.